The Compass Programme was jointly developed with Development Dimensions International (DDI), psychology professors at the Business School of Raffles College and a team of expert Learning & Development volunteers. This programme is designed to help non-profit executive directors (EDs) develop skills to effectively deal with current leadership challenges facing the non-profit sector. It also opens up a relevant platform for dialogue and discussion among the participants; and leadership sharing by those inside and outside the NPO sector through an offsite retreat. 

Through the programme, EDs are put through the Compass Leadership Competency Framework. The competencies within this framework were tested on a focus group of 57 individuals who were holding leadership positions at board and executive levels in the non-profit sector. The competency framework is driven by the core leadership competencies of creating a vision, driving the vision, managing the team, achieving the required results and having the appropriate personal attributes. This framework will also lead them to acquire new perspectives into their respective leadership styles and allow them to consider the motivations of effective leadership.

Through this programme, the ED will actively participate in a competency-mapping exercise to ascertain the leadership competencies a successful ED within the non-profit sector should possess and create a professional development plan for himself. The programme will also address and assess the talent and development needs of existing leaders within the sector.

A qualified and professional executive coach will be assigned to work with the leader and motivate him on his development journey. The coach will also serve as a feedback loop and sounding board to further enhance the ED’s competencies.

180 Degree Feedback

Leadership Competencies Observed in Devt Ctr

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